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Dr. Sara Allen, PhD is a doctorate level holistic health practitioner. She has studied extensively food as medicine as well as supplemental & herbal medicine. Her specialty is a particular self brand of energy medicine– best described as a combination of ancient Chinese and East Indian modalities that are systemized via energy kinesiology. She is deeply skilled in Eden Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Touch for Health, EFT, Advanced Psych-K, Animal Energy Medicine, and she just cannot stop talking about the fascinating world of German New Medicine.

 Dr. Sara  is available for the advising and mentoring of practitioners in many modalities.

If you are looking to advanced your current skill level, Dr. Sara is available for one on one mentorship sessions.

Private Sessions

If you are interested in booking a private session directly with Dr. Sara, pleases select from the options below and request an appointment.

Energy Work Services

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