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Eden Energy Medicine Fundamentals Program

Registration 2020/2021 School Year Asheville, NC

YEAR 1: Fundamentals Classes
Learning the Fundamental Principles & Methods

Take Control Of YOUR Health!

Study the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a small, supportive setting with one of our Authorized EEM Foundations Program teachers.

The one-year EEM Fundamentals Program gives you the training you need to:

  • Enhance your self-care skills and build a resilient energy system.
  • Gain sufficient experience to confidently help your family and friends.
  • Integrate basic EEM methods into your professional practice.
  • Enroll in the Year 2 Certification Program to become an EEM Certified Practitioner.

The Fundamentals Program is a one year program, held over four expanded weekends, designed for people who want to learn the fundamental principles and methods of EEM. The instruction includes lecture, hands-on practice, and question and answer sessions. The Fundamentals Program will provide you with skills for working with the body’s energies in order to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Click here for more information regarding the EEM Fundamentals Program.


The tuition for the Year One, Eden Energy Medicine Fundamentals Classes is US $1,095.00 per class. Tuition covers handouts, meeting space, teaching staff, evaluation and feedback of written tests and demonstrations between classes, and ongoing evaluations to keep people moving forward in a competence-based learning model. Some additional class materials will be required.

To reserve your spot, place a US $300 deposit with Innersource/Eden Energy Medicine. Click here to place your deposit. The remaining payments are made directly to your teacher. The deposit will be applied to your class 4 payment. Here’s a summary of payments:

Deposit: US $300 refundable*

*If you can’t find a class in your area, we will refund your deposit. Once you start class 1, the deposit is no longer refundable.

Payments to Teacher:
  • Class 1: US $1,095
  • Class 2: US $1,095
  • Class 3: US $1,095
  • Class 4: US $795
Required Course Materials: (Special Fundamentals Discount after you register with your teacher)

Eden Energy Medicine Fundamentals Program 2020

Eden Fundamentals Class 1
Thursday May 13th – Sunday 16th, 2021  (SOLD OUT)
Hours – 9:30 to 6

Thursday May 20th – Sunday May 23rd, 2021 (Open Registration)
Post class Hours – 10 to 5 

Eden Fundamentals Class 2
Thursday July 22nd – Sunday July 25th, 2021 (SOLD OUT)
Hours – 9:30 to 6

Thursday July 29th – Sunday August 1st, 2021 (Open Registration)
Post class hours – 10 to 5

Eden Fundamentals Class 3
Thursday October 7th – Sunday October 10th, 2021 (SOLD OUT)
Hours 9:30 to 6 

Thursday October 14th – Sunday October 17th, 2021 (Open Registration)
Post class hours 10 – 5

Eden Fundamentals Class 4
Thursday January 6th – Sunday January 9th, 2022 (SOLD OUT)
Hours 9:30 to 6 

Thursday January 13th – Sunday January 16th, 2022 (Open Registration)
Post class hours 10 – 5

Register Early Classes Fill Up Quickly!
Dr Sara Allen & Debra Burchard
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