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The Five Senses – Our Reality Shapers

The Five Senses – Our Reality Shapers

A mini course in understanding the connection between our senses and our mental health.

The Five Senses shape all our experiences.

  • How our brains make sense of those sensations is how our minds shape reality.
  • Our eyes comprehend only 1 trillionth of the light we see.
  • Our human hearing sorts through and chooses only a teeny width of audible frequencies that exist on the planet.
  • Our sense of smell guides us with odors that are known – but can’t be quantified or defined– like pheromones.

The sense of taste is intimately intertwined into a healthy nervous system.

Children who are not touched – lovingly touched as infants – experience life-long cognitive  delays,  mental health issues and immune systems collapses.

How we actually experience and filter and select the billions of incoming environmental data that we experience every day is mindboggling.

In this mini class we will dip just the tip of a toe into how we do just that.

How do we select what our senses sense?

How do those sense selections shape our emotional, cognitive and mental wellbeing?

What can Energy Medicine contribute that can help us modulate this massive download of information we encounter every moment of our life – from conception to last breath?

How do we MAKE SENSE of our SENSES?

Course Details:

Instructor: Dr. Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP 

Below are the handouts from the class:

You are given limited permission to access the video and print a copy of pdf for personal use only. If you wish to share the video & pdf, please share the information ( on how individuals can purchase their own copy. Course fees support the continued research, creation, filming, editing and distribution. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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