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The Agony & Ecstasy of Being a Magnetic Being on Earth

The Agony & Ecstasy of Being a Magnetic Being on Earth

A mini course in understanding how you are connected to heaven & earth by electromagnetic fields.

“The entire body… the brain, the heart, the skin, the aura, all the meridians, all of the organs – ALL of our bodies have been proven to create electromagnetic fields. When in flow – our electromagnetic fields support all we want to expand our physical, emotional and spiritual selves into. I am here to say that it is the electromagnetic fields that are nucleus of every great thing human kind has ever accomplished. AND I am certain, if you are currently being terrorized by electromagnetic fields, you will now want to punch me in the nose. It’s ok. EMF Sensitivity is really brutal to endure. So here is the gist folks, the core of this thing:  we are magnetic beings,  standing on a magnetic planet, in a magnetic universe. With the skills of Energy Medicine, we can adapt – but not only adapt – we can thrive in the era of seemingly overwhelming Electromagnetic Fields.” – Sara Allen, PhD excerpted from lecture on Electromagnetic Fields, 2017.

This mini class is an overview of the presentation made on EMF’s in San Diego the summer of 2017.  The full  EMF class was taught as a post class to Donna’s Advanced Class Playing with the Frequencies.  Understanding what EMF sensitivity is, reveals of the power of the EEM skills in aligning our bodies in what feels like, to many of us, as a crushing force that we cannot escape.  For EEM practitioners, cultivating skills to help folks find their way through the maze of EMF sensitivity, is becoming an urgent and essential tool in the practitioners tool box.

Course Details:

Instructor: Dr. Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP 

Below are the handouts from the class:

You are given limited permission to access the video and print a copy of pdf for personal use only. If you wish to share the video & pdf, please share the information ( on how individuals can purchase their own copy. Course fees support the continued research, creation, filming, editing and distribution. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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