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Finger Modes Mudras and Nadi Shakti

Finger Modes, Mudras and Nadi Shakti

A mini course in understanding how you are connected to heaven & earth by electromagnetic fields.

Finger Modes have been used for 1000’s of years.  Mudras, the ancient name for finger modes, are considered the ancient sign language of the soul.

Finger mode positions orient the body to explain, reveal, and recognize otherwise indecipherable and subtle whispers of habits and patterns that enable a practitioner to adjust, understand and track efficiently the clients state of being.  While mudras have been long described as the ancient sign language of the soul – finger modes are equally understood to be the modern-day sign language of the body.

Course Details:

Instructor: Dr. Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP 

You are given limited permission to access the video and print a copy of pdf for personal use only. If you wish to share the video & pdf, please share the information ( on how individuals can purchase their own copy. Course fees support the continued research, creation, filming, editing and distribution. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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