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Pain & Difficult Case Clinics
The Pain & Difficult Case Class

  • Morning Lecture
  • Intro and some history and deeper uses/demos of Finger Modes
  • Demo of two cases

Case 1: Shari
43 y.o. has been dealing with relapsing remitting autoimmune encephalopathy, recurring ischemic colitis, infertility, endometriosis, autoimmune thyroiditis and rising blood sugar, as well as chronic pain, anemia, infections, allergies, migraines, GI problems, and other issues. She has tried allopathic and nutritional therapies and acupuncture, and is currently on three allopathic prescriptions and 22 nutritional supplements.

Thank you Shari, for your courage and willingness to help students learn and understand these issues.

Case 2: Beth
38 y.o. with history of unilateral hearing loss for seven years. First occurred after first pregnancy and birth, worsened after next pregnancy and birth over course of 3 years. Had third child with minimal changes. Underwent audiology evaluation and almost full hearing loss in right ear. ENT said due to changes in little ear bones secondary to hormonal shifts during pregnancy, calling it otosclerosis.

Thank you Beth for your willingness to help students learn.
For Beth’s case I will be bringing my set of tuning forks to demo how the vibration of certain notes can have an impact on hearing loss.

The Pain and Difficult Case Clinics is a New Education, Tutoring and Practice model in Energy Medicine.

It is our intention to satisfy 3 levels of needs with these Saturday clinics:

  • First and foremost we stand to help others in need.
  • These clinics will have energy medicine students, being supervised by an EEM Certified Advanced Practitioner, working on people who need and want energy work.

Second, but still really important….

  • These clinics are for the student’s need to use,
  • refine and expand their already excellent skill sets.
  • Third, and still a really important need too…
  • These clinics are a way of introducing Eden Energy Medicine to the public in order to build future schools of students.
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