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Dr. Sara is living and practicing in Asheville, North Carolina now!  All modalities are Welcome!

The cornerstone of this community is the Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program Year One.


Dr. Sara has studied with Donna Eden since 1998 and is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner with over 15,000 clinical hours of EEM practice.

Dr. Sara is an original faculty member of Donna’s Eden Energy Medicine school in Arizona and  has served as senior faculty at the launching of the European Eden Energy Medicine  School in London in 2012.

Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs.
Energy Medicine, at its foundations, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs.

The Eden Energy Medicine Year 1 Foundations Program is comprised of four long weekends of hands-on training and at-home supervised practice

Those who wish to become certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners may continue on to a second year of study in the EEM Certification Program.

Continuing Education Credits are available for the Foundations Classes and in the EEM Certification Program.

“Energy Medicine is the last great frontier in medicine.” – Mehmet Oz, M.D

Below is a list of our events:

  • Money Matters
  • Energy Medicine for the Terminally Ill Client
  • Healing Feelings System
  • Shock & Irregular Energies: The Source of all Disease
  • The Energy of the Soul: Understanding the Soul’s Anatomy and how to heal it
  • Anxiety and Adrenals
  • The Energy of Addiction
  • Earth Energy Heal Everything
  • Penetrating Flow: The Fountainhead of the Cheerful Enjoyment of Life and the Exultation of Spirit
  • Muscles and Emotions
  • The Energy of Ethics
  • Finger Modes, Mudras and Nadi Shakti
  • Healing the Seven Generations
  • Unbridling the Radiant Circuits
  • Wisdom Body Balance: Energy Work for Managing Flood Issues
  • The 12 Cranial Nerves and how to energy test them
  • The Energy of Happiness: Precise Cultivation of Wellbeing with Energy Medicine
  • How to Overcome Anything
  • The Wisdom of Depression
  • Holographic Energy Testing: Mastering Richard Utt’s Basket Weave Technique
  • Energy Medicine for Manifesting Destiny: EM Techniques for defining your purpose
  • Healthy Electrics
  • Retrieving Your Soul: Energy Medicine for regaining & locating your WHOLE Self
  • The Vagal Nerve System: The 10th Energy System—Invitation only
  • Treating Grief: An in-depth grasp on the Yin & Yang Bridge Flows—Invitation only
  • The Energy of Allergic Reactions

Rooting The Spirit - Spirit and Ghost Points

The Agony & Ecstasy of Being a Magnetic Being on Earth

Energy Medicine For The Dying Client

Earth Energy Heals Everything

The Five Senses - Our Reality Shapers A mini course in understanding the connection between our senses and our mental health

The Science and the Mastery of Long Distance Healing

Money Matters

Throat Chakra & the Vortex of Confusion: The Energy Anatomy of the Body-Throat-Head Network.

Shock Irregular Energy

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