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Energy Medicine for the Dying Client

Energy Medicine for the Dying Client

How to Balance and Align the Energies of the Terminally Ill. 

As a founding faculty member of the Eden Energy Medicine School and a Certified Clinical Advanced Practitioner of EM, I knew that the my students were going to be faced with the dying client. I understood theses new grads would soon realize that the energy practitioner would have the dying show up at her doorstep — often as a last act of desperation. I also knew, first hand, what an intimidating client the terminally ill was to someone with no skills in working with this magnificent last life chapter.

This particular client has commonly been everywhere and done everything that the society of ALL types of medicine has to offer. These calls often come as their last remaining search for help. They show up chemo’d, radiated, surgery’d, drugged, starved, crippled, atrophied, broken hearted, and frightened. They show up encircled by despondent and despairing family and friends. They show up worn out and tired and overwhelmed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

They show up dying.

I had to learn how to do this. I had to learn fast. I had to learn how to hold this client emotionally. I had to learn to stand tall and strong in these tsunamis of pain and sorrow and (did I say sorrow?) and be helpful. I also knew that the EEM student needed help and guidance to meet these challenging and inevitable cases.

Here is what I know for sure:

  • Dying is not a disease.
  • There is powerful chi moving in the terminally ill client.
  • The dying client’s energy system is dynamic and spirited and vigorous.
  • They are as full of energy and movement as the vital client.
  • Energy work is as necessary to the dying as it is to the those seeking vitality.
  • There are patterns and progressions in the death process.
  • These patterns can be recognized and tracked and understood.
  • Dying is not a mystery.
  • Some believe, including me, that death holds mystery.
  • But dying is not death.

This is a very important distinction most modalities do not make:

    • Dying is a segment of living.
    • Because it is LIFE, there are still very powerful energy patterns and sequences and evolutions ruling the body’s subtle energies.
    • Just as in every other rung of life, there are very teachable techniques that can be taught, and learned, in order to respond to those ruling energy patterns and sequences and evolutions.
    • This paper/class is a very humble compilation of those patterns and sequences and evolutions and responsive techniques that I have gathered over the span of my career.
    • It is a cross section of many, many, many late night peer discussions that became impressionable weavings of utter genius. So much comes from Donna Eden. So much comes from Master Stephen Co.
    • However, the best and brightest and most generous of all geniuses contributing to this class is that of the collective brilliance of those clients who offered me the honor of accompanying them during those last days spent in their physical bodies.
    • This class is my attempt to impart some of this collective wisdom to others.

Course Details:

Instructor: Dr. Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP 

Below are the handouts from the class:

You are given limited permission to access the video and print a copy of pdf for personal use only. If you wish to share the video & pdf, please share the information ( on how individuals can purchase their own copy. Course fees support the continued research, creation, filming, editing and distribution. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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