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Every person has unique needs and to that end, there are a myriad of ways to interact with and help level out different energies and restore balance.

Below is a list of services offered:

Energy Work Services

    • Five Element Pulse Work
    • TFH Meridian Muscle Testing
    • Pain Management through meridian work
    • Anxiety & depressive disorders meridian work
    • Jin Shin acupressure
    • Traditional Yogic chakra balance and aAlignment
    • Pranic Healing chakra balance and aAlignment with color treatment
    • Celtic Tradition chakra balance and alignment for insight and inspiration
    • Assessing and aligning the body’s electrical system
    • Brazilian Toe
    • Electricals for relaxation and stress reduction
    • Deep electrical treatment for shock
    • Treatment for irregular energies
    • Black Pearl Neurovascular Treatment
    • Detached aura conditions
    • Collapsed aura conditions
    • Basket Weave assessment and treatment for leaks, holes and tears in Auric Field
    • Celtic Traditional Auric treatments
    • Balance issues in the body—Ruffini end organ and Cloacal Therapy
    • Disparities in mind—Balancing of the Three Brains
    • Loss of spirit or inspiration—Soul Point Therepy
    • Anchor and Wander
    • Infusing the Strange Flow energy into the 12 Meridian System
    • Advanced Energy work for repairing the most fundamental Energy Body
    • Treatments for the 64 Minor Grids
    • Treatments for the 8 Major Grids
    • Incitation only treatment
    • Specialized treatment for the end stages of life
    • Alignment with the heart’s purpose
    • Healing after deep shock and tragedy
    • Impostor syndrome work
    • Limbic Brain Treatment
    • Healing Feeling System dor Vegal Nerve damage
    • Past life regression and healing
    • Current life regression and healing