Energetic Healing

Every living thing on earth has a form of energy flowing through it. There are many different ways this energy impacts each organism. For humans, the energy, when it’s flowing properly, keeps the body, mind and spirit in alignment. And the result is a happier and healthier existence.

When things start to misalign, the body can start showing signs of stress, weakness and it may start to create disease. The mind too, can suffer ill effects from poor energetic flow. Anxiety, depression, paranoia or self-destructive thoughts can manifest and grow if the energy continues to have blockages. When things are misaligned even our spirit suffers.

Balancing your energy can give you resilience when you are stressed, vitality when you are drained, and happiness when you are down.

Finding the right fit for realigning one’s energy can be an arduous journey for many. This website will hopefully help to clarify the methods and practices I’ve found to be helpful.

My specialty is a particular self brand of energy medicine– It is best described as a combination of ancient Chinese and East Indian modalities that are systemized via energy kinesiology. 

Energy Work Services

    • Five Element Pulse Work
    • TFH Meridian Muscle Testing
    • Pain Management through meridian work
    • Anxiety & depressive disorders meridian work
    • Jin Shin acupressure
    • Traditional Yogic chakra balance and aAlignment
    • Pranic Healing chakra balance and aAlignment with color treatment
    • Celtic Tradition chakra balance and alignment for insight and inspiration
    • Assessing and aligning the body’s electrical system
    • Brazilian Toe
    • Electricals for relaxation and stress reduction
    • Deep electrical treatment for shock
    • Treatment for irregular energies
    • Black Pearl Neurovascular Treatment
    • Detached aura conditions
    • Collapsed aura conditions
    • Basket Weave assessment and treatment for leaks, holes and tears in Auric Field
    • Celtic Traditional Auric treatments
    • Balance issues in the body—Ruffini end organ and Cloacal Therapy
    • Disparities in mind—Balancing of the Three Brains
    • Loss of spirit or inspiration—Soul Point Therepy
    • Anchor and Wander
    • Infusing the Strange Flow energy into the 12 Meridian System
    • Advanced Energy work for repairing the most fundamental Energy Body
    • Treatments for the 64 Minor Grids
    • Treatments for the 8 Major Grids
    • Incitation only treatment
    • Specialized treatment for the end stages of life
    • Alignment with the heart’s purpose
    • Healing after deep shock and tragedy
    • Impostor syndrome work
    • Limbic Brain Treatment
    • Healing Feeling System dor Vegal Nerve damage
    • Past life regression and healing
    • Current life regression and healing